Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weekly Update!

Weather is too nice to be inside anywhere, but the clients are always in the studio getting ink done and ready for summer! From Gap fillers to One point tattoos, Lettering tattoos to Back Pieces, we love them all. Come on into the studio for your next tattoo!

Boss man Tenam Working away on his clients and going to meetings Ink Bomb meetings right after, this is why he is the Boss! 

Saem tattooing custom tattoos daily. Here is one he did for the Shop Apprentice!

Artist Sabi did this fun tattoo the other day on a walk in customer. Sailor Jerry flash Monkey tattoo!

Jin did some interesting tattoos this week as well. From small fashion tattoos to big Tribal half sleeves! 

For any inquires about your tattoo concerns, feel free to call the number below to contact us! Have a great weekend!

Korean 010-6357-1611
English 010-2127-4151

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Busy Week at Sunrat!

Busy, busy, busy is how are weekend has been. Flooded with old and new clients, our artists have been working hard at what they love the best, tattooing! This week has been filled with a lot of custom works. All four artists even the Boss man Tenam had been busy with tattooing all week. Here are some of the highlights from this week and weekend. If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our artists, feel free to come on in to the studio for free consultation or give us a call listed below!

Boss man Tenam at it again with some Old School tattooing. 

Sabi doing work daily is no news to anybody, here are a few photos from this past couple days.

Sabi's custom Gypsy Girl Head Butterfly!

Saem working on some Traditional style tattoos this week.

Pic of Sunrat artist Jin sketching away with some custom pieces!

All of our Sunrat artists are available for their designs or YOURS! Come down to the studio to get your tattoo needs done right!

Korean 010-6357-1611
English 010-2127-4151

Friday, April 11, 2014

Our Tattoos Heal Perfect Everytime!

A lot of people are under the impression that a tattoo looks the best right when its done, this may be true to an extent but we here at Sunrat tattoo worry about how your tattoo comes out in the long run. The many years and decades after is what we worry about. Here at Sunrat, there is no need to worry about how your tattoo will turn out years later because we guarantee our work to be bright and bold for the years to come! Our customers rarely come back for touch ups but when they do, we will re-touch your tattoo for free! We re-touch for free because we want our artwork on your body to look 100% for when you show people and for yourself. Here are some photos of Sunrat Artist Saems all finished work, to all healed.

Here is a custom piece that Saem was requested upon, the customer asked for a Tattooed Gentleman tattoo with Saem's twist to it. This is what the outcome of the tattoo came out to.

This is a photo of the same tattoo one week later. A little ashy and dry, but all healed.

Here is another picture of one of Saem's tattoo work on a good customer of his. This client received a Traditional style Revolver tattoo.

Here is a healed photo of this one of a kind piece by Saem one week later. Besides the little dryness, this tattoo is 100% healed.

For tattoo inquires about Saem or any Sunrat tattoo resident artist, please contact any of the two numbers listed below. What are you waiting for, get in here!!

Korean- 010-6357-1611
English- 010-2127-4151

Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunrat Update

What a hectic couple weeks it has been for Sunrat Tattoo! The warm weather has finally reached Seoul Korea and the customers are flocking in with good ideas to get done. Boss Man Tenam has been working none stop in preparation of Ink Bomb 2014 but still manages to operate Sunrat with ease. The studio has been pushing out a lot of custom work for our customers, here are the highlights for these past couple weeks!

Here are a few pictures of one of the custom piece he did for a good client of his, Lady Liberty! 

Tenam busyier than ever with the convention, but still finds time to pull of bold old school tattoos!

Sabi with the tough spot on the arm to be tattooing, but always perfect on the outcome, Indian Girl Head!

Saem has returned from his Guest Work spot in Hong Kong at Star Crossed tattoo, here is a picture of one of the tattoos made, Dragon Head!

For tattoo inquires and questions, contact us here at the shop! Go enjoy the sun!
Korean- 010-6357-1611
English- 010-2127-4151