Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sunrat tattoo does more than jus old school tattoos!!

A lot of people hear the tattoo studio "Sunrat Tattoo" only does old school and traditional style tattoos. This blog post is to show and let the ones that don't know that we do more than just one style. A couple posts before this one I briefly explained what each artist here at the studio specializes in, but we can do a lot more than many are not aware of. Many people aren't familiar about how to go about getting tattoo or having an idea. I have met a lot of people say that "you can only get tattoos that are framed up as Flash to get a tattoo", and this is not true at all. We will do a custom tattoo if you have an idea to do, we do Realism black and grey style tattoos, and even the simplistic of idea tattoos. We welcome any customer to walk in here to receive a genuine quality tattoo.

Here we have a customer come in wanting a "Lucky Cat" tattoo traditional style, but hasn't seen it done that way, so our resident artist Saem did just that and customized a one of a kind traditional Lucky Cat tattoo.

Resident artist Jin does the most unique of custom tattoos our customers want, as they bring in their ideas, have a few minute sit down as to what and how the client would like to look like, and Jin works his magic and comes up with awesome one of a kind tattoo, that the client is happy with and that we as artists are proud of.

For those of you clients that have an idea that you are set on with lettering, we can do exactly that, and make it the way you want it to look.

Resident artists Sabi and Saem both have unique styles of lettering best suits their styles. Whether you want west coast style lettering with Saem's twist to it, or solid and bold old school style lettering, we have an array of ways to make your tattoo an idea a tattoo you will love forever. Come on by the studio for a free consultation, or just to hang out wit the artists, we also love other hobbies besides tattooing, maybe something about what our artists do outside of tattooing on the next blog post? Who knows, COME CHECK US OUT!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sunrat Tattoo Weekly Update

This has been a busy busy week here at the studio. With all the tattoo appointments backed up due to the arrival of Boogstar's guest spot, all of the Sunrat artists scheduled appointments his arrival so it wouldnt be so hectic at the studio. Back in action, this week all of the artists were booked up and knocking out one of a kind custom tattoos.

Sabi has been busy working out his Flash Event for the month of February and still has some spots available, contact the shop or just come on in for consultation about the event. 

Saem had a bunch of customers from the U.S. Army come by and tattooed one by one this week. Highlight for Saem this week was the cover up tattoo he did on a walk in customer, turned out real clean and solid!

Jin and boss man Tenam worked on a lot of pieces as well this week, and has been the busiest out of us all, due to helping out with Boogstar and the studio with all of the things they do to keep Sunrat running as smooth as it does. But still manages to find time to push out more brilliant work. 

In this photo we has an edited picture of the day Tenam tattooed this famous korean models first tattoo. A lot of his friends came by for the support and he finished strong for his Devil head tattoo! 
(photos taken and edited by the customer)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Legendary lettering mystro Boogstar has made it to Sunrat tattoo studio safe and sound! It has been an awesome week with Mr. Boogstar, such a humble and talented man. We are glad he was fully booked with tattoos his whole stay here in Seoul with us, even had an appointment with Korean sensation Jay Park. Boog also had a few interviews with a couple fashion magazines here at the shop, with a photo shoot and all!  Boogstar is having so much fun here with us that he has extended his stay in Seoul for a couple days longer, but not to tattoo, just to hangout a little more in the city. Boogstar was filled with at least three big tattoos a day, here are some of his favorites and some of our favorites highlighted in the post for today.

First picture with Boogstar upon his arrival to Seoul!

This was the first tattoo done here at Sunrat, Boog is super fast with his tattoos!

Boog is considered to be the best at what he does because not many artists can freehand their tattoos, but Boog free hands ALL of his tattoos, which is pretty unique. That is why he is the Legendary Boogstar!

On this day, Korean sensation Jay Park came through to receive his tattoo from Boog. Jay originally planned to get one side of his leg done, but ended up getting a half leg sleeve from Boogstar.

This was one of the last tattoos Boog finished here at the studio. This was probably my favorite he did here, just the whole flow of the tattoo fits so well next to each other. Boogstar is definitely a master at his craft and we hope he will return to Seoul soon. Safe travels back Boog!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sunrat Studio Update

Has been a busy busy week for our artists here at Sunrat. Sabi has kicked off his Flash Event that will last throughout the month of February, Tenam and Saem have been tattooing their regulars and new clients, and Jin is also making busy with a couple big ones this week. For all of you that have been waiting for Boogstars arrival, he will be with us tomorrow and will be here for a whole week, Boogstar only has a couple open spots left and are filling up fast, don't miss out! Here are the highlights for this last week.

In these pictures we have Sabi doing his first tattoo from his month of February Flash Event, spots have filled up very fast and only couple more sheets are up for grabs, don't sleep on this!

Boss man Tenam is busy as always and is working on one of his really good return customers, gonna finish his sleeve he started with Tenam faster than he planned himself!

Here we have Saem working on some new customers referred to him from previous clients, these men are from Songtan army base and have traveled long ways to fix his really bad tattoo, Saem forgot to get a before picture but here is finished picture. 

Jin has been working none stop as well, Black and Grey tattoo here, Realistic style tattoo their, but for this post, we will post the Black Panther tattoo he did on one of his many return customers. This customer will soon have a full sleeve done by Jin at the pace he is at, what about you!? Come on in to the studio for you consultation and lets plan out your next tattoo!! 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

For all of you that have been asking me when Sunrat Tattooist Sabi was going to do an event for himself, here is the time! Starting today (February 1st) til the end of this month, Sabi is offering 30% off all of his flash, and let me tell you, he has A LOT! Take a look at Sabi working and a few sheets of his many flash he is offering for 30% off. Tattoos are not a pair of pants that you buy and wear for a few months and throw away, this is piece of artwork is on you body for life and Sabi is very talented artist and is rare for him to be throwing events, so get your butts down here!! Contact the shop details, email us for booking, or just simply walk on in and will see if Sabi is available to tattoo you that day!